C: 843-340-3631
E: epaulgame@gmail.com

Paul Game


Paul serves as a Senior Advisor on the Tradd M&A team, specializing in middle-market deals in manufacturing, automation, and industrial sectors as well as deals with commercial real estate components. Originally from NC, his technical background provides unique insights and understanding of M&A deal processes across these specialized sectors.

Paul is a licensed real estate Broker-In-Charge in North Carolina and South Carolina. He shares the administration role of Tradd’s M&A Program. With a strong technical background, Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and AAS degrees in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying. Active in professional networks across the Carolinas, Paul utilizes an extensive wealth of knowledge, connectivity, and experience on behalf of Tradd clients.

Paul currently resides in the Myrtle Beach area. He began his career in 1992 in strategic investments, land projects and long-term business development in the Carolinas.